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Saronic Gulf

The Saronic Gulf is a fantastic area to take your first sailing trip in Greece. It is immediately accessible from the marinas in Athens, it is relatively sheltered from the strong Meltemi winds making it a great place for those taking their first sailing steps and it has some great islands to visit all within easy sailing distance. So without further ado, our top 5 islands to visit while sailing in the Saronic Gulf!


Aegina is a common stopover for sailing trips starting or ending in Athens and has a thriving sailing community found in the cafes and bars around the main marina. The old town of Aegina is full of lovely side streets and hidden points of interest while a trip to the Temple of Aphaia with its splendid views is not to be missed. If you are a pistachio lover, be sure to stock up on some for the trip, Aegina’s pistachio nuts are considered the best in the world!


Poros is another popular sailing destination and has a number of sailing schools based there. Poros’ old town is charming, with great views from the old clock tower which is easily visible when entering Poros’ marina. Other places of interest include the Archeological Museum, the ruins of the Russian Naval Base and really nice sandy beaches for swimming & sunbathing .


Hydra is well known for its many art exhibitions and its lack of cars! What could be more pleasing than relaxing after a good day’s sailing with only the sounds of nature? Hydra is a small island making it perfect for walks with a number of historic buildings and monasteries in easy distance.


Spetses has an illustrious history due to its important role in the Greek War for Independence. Nowadays Spetses is a place where super yachts and normal yachts happily mingle in the marina and has a nightlife to rival that of many of the more well known Greek islands! If an interest in more recent Greek history is to your liking, the Bouboulina Museum dedicated to the story of Laskarina Bouboulina, a popular Heroine of the Greek Independence movement is well worth a visit.


it would be an amazing idea to include a quick trip to the world famous Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus while we are sailing the area! The modern town of Epidaurus has a fine little marina where sailboats may put up for the night and transportation to the theatre may be easily arranged. If you are there the summer season be sure to check what plays are available during the Epidaurus Festival, it is a fantastic experience to be watching an ancient play put on in its original surrounding, but be sure to book early, it is a popular place!